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  • Item #: PC24
  • Manufacturer: CAMEL MINING
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The Pro-Camel 24" is the big brother of the Desert Fox and is the largest 12 volt automatic gold panning machine manufactured anywhere. It is a fast, high capacity machine capable of processing up to 400 pounds of placer sand per hour! This machine is for the miner who wants to process a lot of concentrates in a short time. The Pro-Camel 24" has been recently redesigned to make it easier to work with. It has new legs that raise it up higher and the tailing bucket is now attached to the frame. Recover an amazing amount of flour gold so you never lose even the smallest pieces (which all add up!). The PRO-CAMEL 24 is easy to Use… Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water… Hook the clips to your 12-Volt battery… Turn on the switch… The wheel starts to rotate and water sprays from the spray bar onto the wheel… Add a scoop of sand every 20 seconds… The GOLD settles to the bottom as the spiral turns and the fifteen spiral leads pick it up and elevate it to the center hole in the hub where it passes through the hollow shaft into a gold catch cup! It is as simple as that and so user-friendly that you will be an expert gold panner ten minutes after you have used the PRO-CAMEL 24for the first time.




  • 15 spiral leads into a 5 lead second stage on a big 24″ wheel.
  • Our exclusive Aqua-Jet on the spray-bar churns and mixes the materials in the wheel for the fastest recovery possible.
  • The PRO-CAMEL 24 features a variable speed control.
  • Our standard drive unit is gear driven and ball bearing equipped. It runs smoothly, quietly and it is energy efficient too!
  • Dry Weight: 20 pounds

Powered by any 12-Volt Battery

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